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T. N. Executive Home Lodge is a unique Boarding and Lodging facility that presents you with a variety of lodges (i.e. Bed & Breakfast, Self or Full/Hotel Catering Homes) that suits your needs. This idea was conceived in the year 2002 by the host, to meet the specific needs of those who want a homely atmosphere - a Home-Away-From-Home. This is a unique home-lodge concept that comes in two forms, a Live-in Exclusive Lodges and Non Live-in Lodges also called Off-Premise Lodges.

Non Live-in Lodges or Off-Premise Lodges are where guests check into the comfort and privacy of homes equipped with modern facilities whilst our Live-in Exclusive is where guests have the privilege of their host in same environs.

This fascinating home-lodge concept accords guests the privilege of interacting with their pleasant host who ensures that their decision to use T. N. Executive Home Lodges leave them with unforgettable memories.

T.N. Executive Home Lodge is designed having in mind that Business Executive, who has had a taste of the coziness of a 3-5 Star Hotel and its environs and is looking for something different and affordable for a change or that Executive who delights in checking into a private home to avoid the din & clatter of the public.

T. N. Executive Home Lodge accords it’s guests that unique feeling of Paradise-Away-From-Home as well as create the atmosphere where guests relax and interact with the host who is readily available to provide you with expert advise, be it social or business related.

T. N. aims at entreating guests to a one-stop facility where everything is provided under one roof, hence the provision of an All-In-One-Package dubbed T. N. EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE:

  • Bed/Breakfast or Rooms
  • A chauffeur driven air-conditioned Saloon or Cross Country car offering mobility and a feel of comfort.
  • A cell phone or GSM chip to keep you in touch with your business partners and loved ones. (A value add on to our service)

It is our utmost desire to ensure that T. N. guests are treated to only the best whilst in Ghana, hence every effort is made to provide guests with a quite and homely atmosphere at all times.

To pamper our quests, T. N. toasts to all confirmed Executive Lodgers with Champagne, Sparkling Wine or Non-alcoholic Wine on arrival.

(Executive Lodgers are clients whose Bed & Breakfast or Exclusive Package Only exceeds $3,000 and fully paid for)

To carve a niche in the hospitality market and stand out of the lot in service and in quality.

Provide Exclusive Bed/Breakfast, Self or Full Catering accommodation with extra complimentary Package of a Car and Personal Cell Phone for our clients’ convenience.

Promote that unique hospitality style of service for the business class and tourist and also to foster good relationships with our guests.

Booking shall be confirmed through direct transfer to our Bankers, Cash or Western Union Money Transfer. (Credit card payments are accepted only in the presence of the holder. This is to prevent fraud).

Where the client wishes to confirm reservation but cannot use the above or effect payment immediately, a letter of FIRM COMMITMENT to pay for full value of lodging before check-in only shall suffice.

NOTE : ( Confirmations or firm commitments are required to avoid shutting out potential guests when bookers are not sure of making use of the facility. Bookings, therefore, once confirmed are to be settled in full).

T.N. Classified Executive Lodgers as mentioned earlier are expected to confirm booking by making monetary commitments.

Guests are encouraged to send representatives to inspect facilities and also make monetary commitments prior to arrival. This is to enable adequate preparations before guest’ arrival.

Where such commitments are not made, it is assumed that guest is undecided and may not experience the full pampering treat of T.N. Lodge on the day of arrival.

Non-monetary, but confirmed bookings are subject to availability of rooms. Kindly help management to serve you better.

Our special services and facilities range from
  • A pick and drop service on prior notice to places of Lodging for paid clients only
  • Fully air-conditioned rooms with the most modern bath facilities such as Jacuzzi baths in our Executive 2 & 4 Bedroom Suites at East Airport.
  • 24 hr Security Guards in selected Lodges such as Executive En-Suite at Cantonments.
  • A Stand-by Generator for Executive Lodges at Cantonments and 4-BRM Suite at East Airport.
  • Swimming Pool at Executive En-Suite at Cantonments.
  • Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi Spa/Bath, Office & Gym facilities for 4-bedroom Executive Suites at East Airport.
  • Treat to an exquisite dishes prepared by experienced Cooks from 3-5 Star Hotels for our Hotel Catering Lodgers those who request for the Catering Service.
  • In-house Internet facility in selected Lodges (Pls confirm this with Host)
  • Laundry Services at subsidized rates or self wash with washing machines where washing machines are provided.
  • Occasional Cultural Escapade for Group Lodgers and on request.
  • Arranged visit to places of interest in Accra with Host or TN Tour Guide Team.
  • Organized Week-end Package trips to TN affiliated Beach Houses or other Tourist Attractions.
  • Golfer Lodgers are permitted the use of Ghana’s Premiere/Largest Golf Course by the courtesy of Host.
  • Lodgers using T.N. Exclusive Package would not have to worry about how to beat the RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC, our experienced, smart and competent drivers will ensure that Traffic Hold Ups are not part of your worry. Relax in T.N. comfortable air-conditioned cars and be taken to your destination in no time whilst you make and receive calls when on the move with your cell phones.
  • Confirmed Executive Guests are toasted to fine Champagne, Sparkling Wine or Non alcoholic Wine on arrival.

“ It is worth noting that TN Home Lodge Facilities and Services are measurable to any 3- 5 Star Hotel Services in Ghana, so give it a try now and you will always talk about it”.

Live-in Exclusive Homes are located in different suburbs of Accra.

Executive En-Suite Full Catering Apartments at Cantonments
1 piece 1-Bedroom Apartment (Swimming Pool, Stand-by Generator, 24hr                                                 Security, Internet, Satellite Dish etc).

2 pieces 2-Bedroom Apartments (Swimming Pool, Stan-by Generator, 24hr                                                 Security, Internet, Satellite Dish etc).

Executive Lodge of 3-BRM at Spintex/Tema Comm. 19

Executive Suites at East Airport currently has 9 Executive Suites:
1 piece 4 - bedroom Executive Suites (swimming pool, jacuzzi spa, jacuzzi bath, mini-gym, office)
1 piece 3 - bedroom Executive Suite at East Airport with washing machine.
1 pieces 2 - bedroom Executive Suite at East Airport with Jacuzzi in one bedroom.

Standard Lodges at East Airport
2 pieces 2 - bedroom with DSTV

Budget Rooms are located at different parts of the city at cheaper rates and will be provided on request..

Beach Resorts affiliated to T.N. Home Lodges are made available to clients wanting to experience Ghana’s Beach climate.

T.N. Executive Home Lodge conscious of the importance of security guarantees it’s Lodgers maximum security.

T.N. Lodges are conveniently located at top class residential areas complimented with security posts that are manned by community security at all entry points, in addition to T.N. Lodge’s own 24 hour security guards.

Cleaners/Chamber maids and other staff of T.N. Lodges are well trained and monitored by management to ensure that room pilfering is completely eliminated.

(Dear Valued Customer, put into practice one of your management principles of Cost Reduction by using T.N. Executive Lodges and cut down on your exorbitant 3-5 Star hotel bills now )

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background::vision & mission :: bookings :: exclusive facilities & services :: rooms :: security

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